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On June 24, 2013
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The Evolve Satin Pillowcase is the perfect natural hair protector! It maintains your hair’s overall health by protecting your hair from friction and snags while you sleep. You also wake up to moisturized, less frizzy hair…BONUS!!! :)

Curly Hair ProtectionHello Natural Beauties! I hope all of you are doing well and feeling blessed! So I know I was suppose to do this review about a month ago or so, but I’ve been kinda busy lately trying to get accustomed to my new weightloss/workout regimens, as well as figuring out how to plant and maintain a vegetable garden. My kids have summer break as well so it’s just been pretty hectic here at home. To add to all of that, I am so not very good at focusing on anything. It’s a little sad, but it takes work to get me to stay focused on anything for too long; My mind just prefers to wander about aimlessly all day. If it wasn’t for my husbands’ constant nagging encouragement, I’m sure I would be alot worse off. Ok so there I go getting off into something else. To stay on subject :) here’s the review of the Evolve Satin Pillowcase…

So I must start off by saying I absolutely love this pillowcase! It is like the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. I love it because it’s super-soft, it doesn’t snag my hair, and I don’t have to sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf on if I don’t want. I love the fact that my daughter has extra protection for her hair because she has always had a problem keeping anything on her head while she sleeps. So it is such a blessing to have some kind of protection for her hair when her bonnet comes off or she takes it off, rather. For me, I have always hated having to tie my hair up at night cuz it always feels uncomfortable and of course, when I have a headache, I don’t want anything on my head anyways. Ok so yeah, sometimes I am a little too lazy to tie my hair up. Why? I don’t know…I guess that’s just me. When I am ready for bed, I am ready for bed. I just like to jump in and not have to go through some whole bedtime routine. I like to do as little as possible.

It’s a good thing I don’t have many problems with moisture levels in my hair, cuz then it would suck to have to moisturize and seal my hair on a daily basis. I prefer to get up and do everything in the morning. I do, however, try to redo my twists earlier in the evening like well before bedtime so I don’t have to worry about falling asleep with no plan for my hair the next day. Ok so who am I kidding? I only usually wear twistouts on the weekends…through the week I am mostly rocking a puff or something similar. I’m cool with that though. Puffs are my friend. We are BFFs for life…lol! :)

On the topic of moisture and puffs, this satin pillowcase goes hand-in-hand with these. Whenever I wake up after not tying my hair up (relying solely on the protection of my pillowcase), my hair is always moisturized, smushed, and not so frizzy. I could definitely still get away with wearing whatever style I wore the day before with minimal frizz. So if I was wearing a twistout the day before, and I didn’t retwist or pineapple (secure all of my hair on top of my head in a high puff) my hair, I can usually still comfortably rock one the next day without having it be a full on afro. I love afros, but I just want you to get the idea that my next day hair hasn’t packed up and run off to Frizz City while I was sleeping. If I still want to wear a defined style after being too lazy to take time to maintain my hair overnight, I can still do so. There will be frizz, but not so much. In fact I am wearing such a twistout right now and it looks pretty good. Oh and my hair is extremely moisturized. This pillowcase zaps like zero moisture from your hair overnight. Now that has to be a plus!

Imagine this for a minute if you will: You have a bomb twistout today and decide that you just want to go to sleep like a normal person and not have to spend an hour, more or less, twisting your hair in preparation for having another awesome twistout day. Question is: Can you do it?! Answer: YES YOU CAN!! You can so totally do this! You can most definitely wake up to beautiful, defined, extremely moisturized hair…granted that’s what you started with. This pillowcase is not a miracle worker, but it is that friend that always has your back… :)

To sum this all up…

Get yourself a satin pillowcase. You won’t regret it. They come in all sorts of beautiful, rich colors. I have a beautiful, purple one and my daughter has a gorgeous, hot pink one. I love mine, she loves hers, and you’ll love yours too. You’re a natural girl so you know you can’t go wrong with a pillowcase that maintains your style and moisture. Besides, they’ll only set you back about 8 bucks…IKR?! That’s a small price to pay for happy hair! When my hair is happy, I am happy…what about you? Ok so that  just may be me. I dunno.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this short break from your regularly scheduled program to read this post…haha! I really do though. If you have a satin pillowcase, let me know how much you love it…is it one of your close, personal friends? It is isn’t it? Of course, if you don’t have one, let me know whether or not you’re gonna try one. Anything else you’d like to add is also welcome.

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with lots of love and an abundance of blessings from the Lord! I wish you all Peace and Blessings and lots of Hugs!!! :) Thanks again for taking time to stop by and visit a while!

The Evolve Satin Pillowcase is the perfect natural hair protector! It maintains your hair’s overall health by protecting your hair from friction and snags while you sleep. You also wake up to moisturized, less frizzy hair…BONUS!!! :)

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  1. Hello Carla’s Natural Curls,

    Thank you for the thorough review of our Evolve Satin Pillowcase. We’re so happy to hear that you love it.

    We found this review so useful. We have shared in on our social media sites.

    Thank you again for your wonderful review. We will definitely start following.

    Have a great day.

    Firstline Brands & Evolve.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my post, Firstline Brands & Evolve! I really appreciate the love. You all make wonderful products that are definitely worth a nod. A year later, my daughter and I still have our satin pillowcases as well as many of your other products. Thanks again for stopping by my site and sharing some love!! Oh and making great products that helps us ladies keep our hair healthy and beautiful!

  2. ROLANDA AKA NaturalBrown1973 says:

    I was just telling my girlfriend lastnight we needed to go to the store and get some satin and make some pillow cases.. Ummm now we dont. Good looking out.

    • That’s what’s up! I’m glad I could help…y’all are going to love them! I don’t think I could ever go back to cotton pillowcases.

      • Rolanda says:

        RIGHT! And this way I dont have to look for my satin bonnet every night. It seems it walks away on its own. And I know I laid it next to the bed. LOL ! Thanks again

        • You’re welcome! I know if I leave it to my daughter, we would never have any bonnets/scarves. She loses one every time I put one on her head. So yeah, the pillowcase was a definite must. Thanks for checking out my post and commenting… :)

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